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Box is situated directly behind the Hofbräuhaus building. When you open the window in the staircase of the east wing, you will be able to hear the lively brass music (Blasmusik) coming from the Hofbräuhaus.


Box has an office space at WeWork that can accommodate up to 10 people. In addition, there is access to meeting rooms and phone booths for making calls. 


Working at Box has been an extraordinary experience. There are two aspects in particular that make my day to day enjoyable: the incredible team I get to collaborate with across EMEA and the US and the open-door policy that fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment. From day one, I have felt encouraged to voice my ideas, ask questions, and seek guidance from anyone in the organisation, regardless of their position or seniority. This culture of accessibility and transparency has not only enabled me to contribute meaningfully to the company's success but also nurtures a sense of belonging in myself and amongst Boxers! 

Box is a fantastic place to work. I have been entrusted with meaningful opportunities that have accelerated my personal and professional growth from the beginning on. The nurturing work culture at Box sets it apart, fostering open and honest communication channels that create a supportive environment. The entire team, including team leads and directors, are always ready to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Working closely with our strategic partners on a daily basis allows me to gain valuable insights into the dynamic market and understand our customers' evolving needs. This knowledge proves particularly beneficial for our sales team as I can support them in securing larger and more sustainable deals.


Neuturmstraße 5, 80331

Munich, Germany 


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