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Our mission is to strive towards excellence in managing finances, providing comprehensive legal guidance, leveraging data analytics for growth opportunities, ensuring operational efficiency through technology infrastructure, and building strong relationships with investors, all while driving success on the path towards $2B. We are looking for individuals who will help us scale to success.

“Our general and administrative teams provide the tools and information to enable Boxers to produce their best work. We’re incredibly proud of the collaborative culture we’ve built, which provides all Boxers the opportunity to Be an Owner and to rapidly learn as we scale the company to $2B in revenue and beyond.”


Dylan Smith, Chief Financial Officer 

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Business Analytics

The Business Analytics team specializes in conducting thorough analyses and providing unbiased insights to support data-driven decision-making across Box. They continuously research and develop new, efficient methods for revenue generation and enhancing end-user engagement.


Business Systems and Operations

The Business Systems and Operations organization consists of several groups that work together to ensure smooth operations and security within the company: End User Services, Enterprise Systems, and their subgroups. They manage traditional security measures and play a key role in workplace safety.



The Controllership organization is responsible for overseeing and managing all financial accounting and reporting activities. They collaborate with other departments, including Sales Ops and Technical Accounting, and play a crucial role in leadership and team building to align with business objectives.

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Corporate Finance and Strategy

The Corporate Finance and Strategy team oversees overall forecasting and budgeting for the organization while also working closely with investor relations. In addition to this core team, our organization-specific SP&A teams focus on budgeting and short-term planning specific to their respective units.


Investor Relations

The Investor Relations team plays a crucial role in managing communication and relationships between the company and the investment community. They serve as key spokespersons for Box, effectively communicating the company’s business model and strategy to investors and equity analysts.



The Box legal team is dedicated to serving as trusted business partners, providing comprehensive legal analysis and holistic insights. They are committed to helping Box make well-informed decisions through strategic guidance and practical solutions that drive success on the path to $2B.

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I am currently working with the most supportive manager I've ever had which has grounded me and allowed me to reach my fullest potential. My team at Box is amazing. The brilliant and authentic people in legal have encouraged and helped me to become the best attorney and Boxer I can be. I've learned so much and am excited to continue learning throughout my Box journey.

In my 7 years at Box, my team has grown from 4 to 12. Geographically, my team has expanded from Redwood City and Austin to Chicago, Remote, and Poland. Personally, I have had growth opportunities to expand my technical and leadership skills. Through the various system implementations and automations I have further developed my project management and team collaboration skills. I have been empowered to do what's best for Box and have truly embodied the "Be an Owner" and "10x" Box values with the support of senior leadership.

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