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Our mission is to provide exceptional support, ensure seamless operations, and prioritize security for our company. We strive to empower all employees by delivering reliable and efficient technology solutions. We are committed to resolving technical issues promptly while ensuring that everyone has access to the necessary tools they need for their work. We are looking for individuals to drive our goal of optimizing efficiencies across departments through innovative technological solutions.

“Our mission in IT is providing the technology which unleashes Boxers to GSD and blow our customers’ minds.  More specifically, that means delivering and managing solutions to maximize value, minimize risk, and manage cost across the business.  We strive to provide the scalability to both drive and accelerate growth!”


Ravi Malick , Chief Information Officer

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End User Services

The End User Services team focuses on providing support and assistance to all employees using Box’s systems. They are responsible for troubleshooting technical issues and ensuring that everyone has access to necessary tools.


Enterprise Systems

The Enterprise Systems team oversees all of the systems used at Box. This team is divided into three subgroups: Business Engagement, Delivery Planning, and Tech Delivery and Product Support to provide the best possible support in multiple facets.




Physical Security

The Physical Security team manages traditional security measures such as cameras and locks throughout Box’s facilities worldwide. They also play a role in workplace violence prevention programs, executive protection initiatives, and event security planning.

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At Box, I have had the privilege to really grow my career from end user IT support into project/program management thanks to this unique environment that fosters strong collaboration. I have discovered my passion for process improvement, cultivating teams, and mentoring my peers. Box is certainly unique amongst the tech companies in the valley, and for the over 8 years I've been here, I can say leadership has remained transparent and engaged in fostering the best work environment for its employees.

I come from a non-traditional background in tech and made a major life pivot around the time I started at Box. Personally, I feel that Box took a chance on me 6 years ago when I started as an intern. This opportunity changed my outlook on life both personally and professionally. With the support and connections I’ve made at Box, I believe that I can achieve much more in the coming years. Without hesitation, I would confidently encourage anyone interested to join the team, especially if you want to work with confident, caring, and very competent people and leaders.

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