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Designing magical experiences for our customers

Our values

We are a force that leads with empathy...

“Box Design seeks to take the complexity out of our customers daily lives through simple, significant, and delightful experiences. That foundation is also reflected in our team values as we embrace a wide range of thought, expertise, talents, and experience that benefit one another, our customers, and the business. We are a force that leads with empathy, sets a high bar for craft, and supports each other as Box drives the future of how we all get work done!”

Alan Chappell
Senior Director Product Design

Meet our team

Design is the heartbeat of Box

“Building amazing software that users love is at the core of our history and mission as a company, and there’s nothing more important than world-class product design in driving that. Design is the heartbeat of Box, and we labor over every single pixel and user interaction to ensure we’re always building magical experiences for our customers.”

Aaron Levie
Founder & CEO

Design spotlight

Describe a typical day on your team

“There are two types of days at Box. One is coordination: discussions with PMs/Eng/Design to coordinate the product, brainstorm, and sketch. While the other is a heads down kind of day. Doing more active design work– ​​​​​​​sketching out wireframes, planning out a user test . I try to separate the two days out so that I have longer periods of time to focus.”

Jared Comis
Staff Product Designer

How would you define the design team culture?

“Talented, dynamic, and always willing to offer support. Just last week, a designer on my team reached out for help. She had a lot of work on her plate and was feeling overwhelmed.  Everyone in our domain offered to take a piece of the project – it was really sweet. It’s okay to ask for help; you don’t always have to do all the work alone.” 

Ivy Li
Sr. Product Designer
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How does Box support remote work?

“Currently, I am working remotely from home. I like the flexibility that it brings. I am more comfortable and as a result more productive. I love not having to commute, and the ability to change my environment and work in a cafe if I want to. My team is also very responsive on Slack, which makes it easy to collaborate remotely.”

Holly Luo
Product Designer II

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