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Delivering hybrid experiences

As we strive to become the world’s leading hybrid company, we want to ensure that we’re creating the best workplace experiences possible through driving effective collaboration, fostering community, and further developing relationships across teams.

Collaboration from anywhere

This means we blend in-person collaboration with the benefits of working remotely and depending on your location, you may also have the chance to go into a co-working space and collaborate in person with other Boxers.

Thrive wherever you are

We’ve created roles where Boxers can thrive remotely. Being a remote employee comes with several benefits that can enhance your work-life balance and productivity all while fostering community and developing your career at Box.

Hybrid work

We’re flexible, and we know that a one size fits all approach isn’t always practical – We invite everyone to “bring your ____ self to work,” and encourage each person to fill in the blank.  No matter your location or team, there are opportunities to engage and contribute to our culture.

I joined as a remote Boxer this past August and despite not being in an office regularly have felt fully supported and connected to my team! Through virtual and in-person meetings I have been able to meet and build relationships with my team members. Being a remote Boxer allows me to have flexibility in my day to day, but also create strong connections with fellow Boxers.

Working at Box has been the most rewarding experience in my career. The company culture is built on real values that are discussed and recognized every day and every week - not just meaningless mumbo jumbo that is brought up in New Hire Orientation and then never again. The Boston office is incredible, with a perfect location downtown with train and commuter rail access and they hybrid culture allows you to go into the office or work remotely when it makes sense for you and your role.

We’re striving to be the best hybrid company

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