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​​​​​​​Our Warsaw office is an incredibly exciting addition to our EMEA expansion. We’re already in the UK, France, and Germany, and the new Poland location acts as a global engineering and product development hub alongside our headquarters in Redwood City, California. We plan to grow our Warsaw office significantly by 2022 — and we’re looking for amazing software engineers, product managers, and site reliability engineers (among many other roles) to join us.

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We know how important our people are to our success. Given the scale of our ambitions and the massive opportunity ahead of us, we need the most talented people to join our Poland team and drive the future of how people securely collaborate from anywhere, at any time. We’re looking for incredible individuals to help us deliver unparalleled innovation and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Interested? Check out our open roles and find the best fit for you.

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Our values

Our values are not only what we believe, but what we live by
Make mom proud
Winning in the market only happens if we work in an environment of safety and trust. It's on us to create a place where our voices are heard and we do right by one another.
Blow our customers' minds
Customers are at the center of everything we do. We're here to know our customers inside and out and to deliver an experience they could never have imagined.
Take Risks. Fail Fast. GSD.
The world is moving incredibly fast, and we can't let anything slow us down. That's why we take big bets, iterate constantly, and learn from our mistakes.
10x it!
At Box, the bigger the better - especially when it comes to ideas. So go ahead, dream up something big. Then 10x it.
Be an owner. It's your company.
Improving the business starts with you. We give you the resources you need to be wildly successful and make your epic ideas a reality.
Bring your (___) self to work every day
We get our best work done when we act as our authentic selves. So come as you are - and bring your diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds to the table.
Be candid and assume good intent
The only way to perform at the highest level is by listening to each other. When we share candid feedback and make a conscious effort to get better, we grow as a business.

Meet our Poland team

Our engineering teams

Admin Experience

Admin Experience is a foundational team that partners with all of Box’s product engineering team to create a consistent, top-of-the-line customer experience. It is responsible for creating the shared components and frameworks used in our various products and workflows, and also develops the interface that allows the enterprises to manage their Box instance. The team is looking for a strong backend engineer to become one of their lead developers, but is also interested in giving the opportunity to those with additional background in frontend to further develop their skills and become full stack experts.

Technology stack:
Java, Spring, Rest APIs, Node.js, React, PHP

Content Intelligence

​​​​​​​Customers trust Box with Petabytes of their business-critical content. The Content Intelligence team creates Machine Learning based systems that empower customers with actionable knowledge about their content. For example, let customers define content-based security policies to prevent accidental over-sharing of their sensitive files. This team interacts with other teams at Box like Shield, Search Relevance, Governance, Conversion, Metadata, etc. This work has significant impact on Box offering and is highly visible both within and outside the company.

Technology stack:
Java, Scala, Python, TensorFlow, Spark


The Compliance Engineering team is responsible for developing new features to enable customers to manage high-value content in Box with automated content lifecycle tools that reduce compliance, privacy and litigation risk. Our goal is to build a powerful best-of-breed cloud stack with a single content layer. That way, our customers can connect the content flow across their favorite business apps.

Technology stack:
Java, PHP, JavaScript, React.js, Docker, Cucumber/Cypress

Core Monolith CI/CD

While a significant part of Box’s operations is managed by Java and Scala microservices, a monolithic PHP codebase is responsible for much of the critical application logic. This large codebase is contributed by hundreds of developers at Box and is deployed to all environments, including production, multiple times a day. We’re looking for strong software engineers to bootstrap the new Monolith CI/CD team. The team’s mission is to ensure that code makes it from developers’ laptops to consumption by our customers safely, frequently and expeditiously.

Technology stack:
Java, Go, C++, Python, Jenkins/CircleCI, Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform

Data Platform

The main goal of Box Data Platform team is to build self service platform to enable internal team to build messaging pipelines and data storage compute upload in cloud. Poland team will mostly focus on how we get to self serve. Everything that the team does is doing everything at a scale and resiliency – e.g. processing 2-3 billion events per week and can’t drop a single one of them.

Technology stack:
Java, Scala, Spring Boot, HBase, BigTable, Redis, Kafka, ZooKeeper, Pub/Sub, Elasticsearch, GCP

Desktop Engineering

The Desktop Engineering team builds applications that bring the power of Box’s content platform to where users get their work done – on their Windows & MacOS devices. Our desktop applications help users access and collaborate on their documents from cloud with the familiarity of their local computer and local applications. In this team you will work on Box client applications and your impact will reach millions of users, who use Box desktop apps.

Technology stack:
C++, Python, C#/Swift

Cloud Native Services

The team owns services to serve our users with deployment configurations, application management, high-availability setups, migration tooling, and effortless integrations into other platform components such as our service mesh and observability stack. Joining them, you will be in forefront of Box’s journey to the next-generation, Kubernetes-native infrastructure, including the migration from on-prem, multi-region data centers to GCP.

Technology stack:
Python, Golang, Groovy, Kubernetes, Docker, GCP


​​​​​​​Mobile Engineering team works on best-in-class enterprise applications that are digitally transforming traditional workplaces to be truly mobile. Our apps allow millions of Box customers to work with their content and collaborate with their teams, wherever they are. The Box mobile apps have often been featured on the Google Play Store. The team consists of mix of engineers, product managers and designers who drive architectural and technology decisions. They tend to obsess over our products and love powering its decisions with data. The team has a trusting, collaborative, transparent culture and place much value in diversity.

Technology stack:
Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Objective C, Java


Joining Moji Team as a Globalization Engineer at Box, you will work on localising Box software for internationalization to provide a best-in-class enterprise digital content management experience. Our apps allow millions of Box customers to engage with Box and collaborate with their teams in their preferred language, whatever that may be. Our customers can currently enjoy Box in 26 languages with potentially more to come.
Technology stack:
Java, Javascript, PHP


​​​​​​​The Team owns Notes, Tasks, Notification Center, and Commenting for Box’s platform. The functionality that this team builds is used by our largest cohorts of users (versus just admin users). They are the only true real-time service at Box, using web sockets to deliver a real-time editing product. It’s a complex problem space that we are experts in, and it’s a great team to join if you want to level up by being challenged in a super supportive environment.

Technology stack:
React.js, JavaScript, Node.js


The major focus of the Observability Team is to build frameworks and systems that can manage the performance of Box systems while scaling to billions of events per second. We are responsible to standardize observability across engineering teams, drive designs for high performing services and foster great observability practices. We build, scale, and operate low-latency, high-throughput data systems that power high resiliency of Box Systems. You will help us execute on this vision and ensure that Box continues to ship scalable services that can hold against the high-performance expectation from our customers.

Technology stack:
Java, Scala, Kubernetes, Terraform, Puppet, Docker, GCP, Splunk

Policy Groups

​​​​​​​Frictionless security is one of the foundational pillars at Box and this brand new team being part of this pillar will have a direct impact to our customers in the way they use Box. This team will create foundational pieces in the areas of groups and policies to provide fine grained security control for the contents our customers collaborate with. Such foundational components will be used by other teams like Shield and ISF to build on security control features. This team will work cross functionally with other teams at Box like ISF, Shield, File System, Metadata, Messaging etc. This has huge impact and visibility from day one.

Technology stack:
Java, PHP, React, JavaScript, Node.js, Memcached, Redis, HBase, MySQL

Product Adoption

Product Adoption is a central pillar at Box. The team builds tools and experiences to help all of our customers and users realize the full potential of our product, being responsible for in-app experiences and in-app messaging. Given the broad ownership, the team builds across all parts of the application, collaborating closely with a multitude of teams both within and outside of Engineering. What is more, every project the team works on is measured by its impact to Box’s usage metrics, driving large impact and visibility throughout the business.

Technology stack:
​​​​​​​React.js, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, Go


​​​​​​​SDK Team is responsible for creating the primary code interfaces for Box Platform for the Developers. The Team governs, architects, and builds the SDKs and Toolkits that enable external developers to quickly create rich and powerful enterprise solutions on the Box Platform and APIs. SDK Team is looking for engineers proficient in at least one of the following languages, open to learn additional ones.

Technology stack:
Java, C#/.NET, Python, Node.js, Swift/iOS, Android


Box Search powers content discovery for millions of users and hundreds of billions of documents. Search not only powers end user experiences across mobile, desktop, and web but also the applications built by our customers via the Search API. More internal and external features are being built on top of the Search backend continuously and it is now a critical portion of user facing products and customer built applications. The Search Platform is a higher order abstraction of the core Search offering that enables internal teams to build user facing products that leverage Search capabilities that either already exist or must be created to power new features. You will be combining existing Search infrastructure functionality as well as brand new services to deliver a scalable, and easy to use Search Platform.

Technology stack:
Java, Scala, Spring Boot, Solr, Lucene, Kafka, MapReduce, GCP, Kubernetes

Storage Excellence

Box customers trust us with one of their most valuable resources, their data. Storage Excellence engineers for Box’s content stack are responsible for ensuring that Box’s customers always have access to their most critical data. The storage platform is the main data ingestion and egress stack powering nearly every feature at Box and interacting with nearly every major cloud provider. Together with the other storage engineering teams, you will share an on-call rotation and be an escalation contact for service incidents. Storage Excellence Engineers work side by side with development teams to ensure that the entire content stack is running well. As a Storage Excellence Engineer you would be a critical participant in every step of the development process from inception, to design, development, deployment and operation.

Technology stack:
Scala, PHP, Python, Unix, TCP/IP

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Tech stack

Operating a highly-available and scalable service with a great user experience requires the best tools for the job. Take a look at our FAQ below to learn about our tech stack.


From vacation time to parental leave to travel insurance, we’ve got you covered. Check out all the details about our benefits and other perks in the FAQ section below.


Know someone who’d be a good fit for our Poland team? We’re always looking for referrals. Send an email to poland-careers@box.com with the candidate’s first and last name, job title, and CV.

Our tech stack

What does Box's tech stack look like?

We use many different technologies to solve the challenges of supporting enterprise customers across the globe at massive scale. Our customers work using many different modalities (web, mobile, and desktop), and we need to provide an excellent user experience while operating a highly available, high-scale, and top-performing service.

How does Box operate at scale?

Box manages hundreds of petabytes of content, which means tens of billions of files are accessed by millions of users daily — and growing at an exponential rate. To ensure the right availability and scalability of our platform, we leverage multiple cloud platforms globally to meet this growth. Customers can choose exactly where they want their files stored geographically to help meet data privacy requirements, and we provide the right level of compliance for their storage needs.

How does Box ensure security and compliance?

Our engineers enable our customers to achieve the most advanced compliance requirements — like PCI, FINRA, HIPAA, and GxP — and can also enable new third-party security technologies that are critical for many customers. Additionally, we plan to extend our use of more advanced encryption techniques, such as key management services, to more aspects of our databases, search, and metadata to extend customer control and security.

How does Box support business continuity and fault tolerance?

Even though system failures and unexpected events are part of the reality, our engineers architect Box to anticipate and mitigate these types of challenges. When customers upload content to Box, we ensure files are redundantly stored in multiple data centers in the region(s) of the customer’s choice. Our storage durability helps customers stay ahead of concerns like data backups or data loss from a regional disasters, or fault tolerance

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